Date Your Mate

Today I’m pondering the role of laughter in marriage. How do you think your marriage compares to others when it comes to a healthy sense of humor? When was the last time you and your spouse laughed at yourselves…I mean really laughed at the way you were acting with each other?

I tend to think most marriages go through dry spells…where life seems rather dry or dull and your mate just can’t help but annoy you.  However, I’ve also witnessed the miraculous power of humor to fire a couple up or simply heal old wounds.

I think all of us could probably use a night out to just laugh. That’s why our stand-up comedy routine date night last Saturday at Jackson Community College was so perfect. Married couple, Barnes and Miner ( created a great, comfortable atmosphere for couples…including the men!

If you missed this event, mark your calendars for August 7th, where we bring you Kissin’ In The Kitchen (Grillin’ Edition) with guest chef Adrien Sharp who is locally grown and recently starred in a Food Network series. Lots of food and laughs sprinkled with marrige tips and encouragement.