Good Enough

Last night, the dinner conversation with friends turned towards our jobs.  By now, our friends know that I spend an unusual amount of time at my job trying to make other couples happy. “What if,” I asked my friends, “you had a chance to learn some new tools for navigating an argument with your spouse without a lingering desire to walk away in frustration? Would that interest you?” The answer my friend’s gave, no more surprised me than if I had asked them to strip naked and run through town before delivering a speech to a gathering crowd of  family and friends.

“Shelby,” they admitted, “we barely have time to say hello as we pass each other in the hallway. Between work and the kids and juggling bill due dates, we just don’t have the luxury to discuss issues like parenting and finances in any depth. We’re not heading for divorce, we’re doing good enough.”

How many of our marriages are just that? Good enough? Did you know that 67% of couples in Jackson County who have been married five years or less categorized their marriage as, “just okay?” Just okay? Sure, you may not be throwing breakables at each other or screaming loud enough for neighbors to wake, but could it be better? On a spectrum of “just okay” all the way to “it couldn’t be better!” Where would you put your marriage?