Hi, welcome to our new blog for Marriage Matters Jackson!

My name is Shelby Raines and I am so excited to start a community wide conversation about marriage. I’ve worked for this great marriage project for almost four years now and let me tell you…I’ve learned a LOT. I’m hoping I can learn even more from all of you. What kinds of things interest you? What are you curious about? How does your marriage really compare to those around you? A few practical tips about avoiding marriage pitfalls and really having fun with your spouse might be nice. As long as it’s real. And not superficial.

My goal is to get some good, meaty dialogue going where we do our best to tell it like it is, but then help each other maneuver through marriage and family life. Sound like fun?

Like the vast majority of married couples right here in Jackson, you would probably agree that it is important to work on improving your marriage…and even help others avoid divorce court. You’d be amazed at how many ways failed marriages affect our community, especially economically. And yet, if you are like me and my husband, your marriage relationship is often the thing on which you spend the least amount of time and energy. There are just too many other things demanding our attention.
So, where should we start?