Money in Marriage

Something unusual happened to a friend of mine. She got married and soon afterward, she and her husband inherited a very large sum of money. Immediately thoughts of a luxurious vacation home in Bora Bora came to mind. After the initial daydreaming, and now a few years down the road, I decided to ask her how that had affected her marriage. The optimist in me expected her to say that problems cleared up, but a skeptical part of me thought that new problems would arise. What she said sort of shocked me because it fell outside both my expectations. While she and her husband have had many conversations about money management, she said that they actually run into the same kinds of conflicts now that they have inherited their money as they did before.

Is money a source of conflict or enjoyment in your marriage? Does the amount of money you have matter for your relationship? Would a vacation home in Bora Bora make things better?