Rock Solid or Rocky? – Marriage Restoration – NEW Mini-Workshop

By marriagemattersjackson

While most of our events and resources help take your relationship from good to great – keeping marriage fresh and fun, we realize some couples need a little more assitance getting to a healthy place in their marriage. In response to recent requests to help couples in crisis- financial, emotional, or otherwise, Marriage Matters Jackson will begin offering weekly “mini-workshops” FREE of charge to the public. Held every Monday night, these workshops will offer a different marriage topic each week. You can jump in any week and the first one starts next Monday, June 22nd!

The weekly program will provide skills for couples looking for some extra help to keep their marriage on track and help prevent the disappointment of a mediocre marriage, or the dangers of divorce. Come and listen or participate at your comfort level. No one needs to feel anxious that they will feel “called on” or embarassed. We pride ourselves at Marriage Matters Jackson in offering marriage strengthening resources that build couples up and not tear them down.

Most of us are just one crisis away from marriage trouble. Don’t be embarassed that your rock-solid marriage may have hit some rocky ground. Do something now to move things back in the direction of rock-solid.

The weekly mini workshops will be held at the United Way Center from 6-8pm every Monday. Check out our events listings page at for more information!