Joining the National Marriage Education Movement

As part of its ongoing investigation into some of the most challenging issues facing African-Americans, CNN continues its series, “Black in America 2.” The segments feature people who are using ground-breaking solutions to transform the black experience in America… and last night was all about marriage! No wonder we were tuned in!

Last night’s segment featured Washington D.C. based marriage education expert, Nisa Muhyammad. Nisa is the Executive Director of the Wedded Bliss Foundation, which, like Marriage Matters Jackson, is a community based organization working to promote, prepare and preserve healthy marriages. Not only am I glad that national news organizations are covering this kind of critical work, but I feel Jackson County is fortunate to have an organization that offers this same type of marriage education. I am eager to continue our involvement in this national movement and I look forward to your feedback about the kind of work being done nationally and especially right here in Jackson.