Living Together: Smart Start, or Recipe for Disaster?

Divorce rates have dropped in Jackson County, but so have marriage rates. A lot of couples are choosing to live together rather than get married. But would you believe that these cohabitations are nearly twice as likely to end in break up X after ten years, as marriages. This is according to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (33% marriages, 62% for cohabitation). What do you think are the reasons for this: Fear of commitment…memories of a parent’s messy divorce…financial strain?

Marriage can be difficult and does take work, as Scott Kudwa recently learned. He desperately turned to Marriage Matters Jackson one week after his wife Liz filed for a divorce. They had been married for seven years and he first came to Marriage Matters Jackson workshops by himself to try to salvage their broken relationship.

Soon, Scott convinced Liz to come with him to the workshops. They tackled issues in their relationship and realized they would have to make time for each other ON PURPOSE. They gained the tools they needed to keep up with the daily maintenance of marriage. But even though they have worked through issues to save their marriage, they call themselves a success story hesitantly because they understand that marriage is a work in progress.

It’s easy to run into common roadblocks like money, sex, and family, and then panic. Divorce starts to seem easier than handling all those problems. The truth is that ALL couples deal with these issues. When it comes to matters of marriage—it’s not as important WHAT you are struggling with, but HOW you deal with it together. Working through marriage roadblocks together in a healthy way, brings you closer together in the long run.

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