Staying On Track

One of the best parts about being a marriage educator is having the opportunity to meet a ton of couples in great, healthy relationships! Many people think they have to be in marital distress before they engage or invest in some of our tools, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth!
Now, while we do offer marriage restoration for people who have hit a particular rough spot, we continue to focus on adding strength to every marriage and providing some practical tools to help you get the most out of your most important relationship!

A great place to start, whether you are interested in learning more about keeping a healthy marriage, or making sure your current relationship is on the right track, is to to do some research online. Maybe that is how you found us! Check out these websites to find articles, practical and interesting research, event listings, blogs, email list serves, live chats, dating and marriage advice and more!

Another great way to improve your marriage and stay connected right here in Jackson is to join us at one of our upcoming LINKS events. Unfortunately, our January 14-15 overnight retreat has just filled, but we still have room at our four week series beginning Thursday, January 28. Why not take your spouse on a weekly date for one month…you’ll get a nice dinner, good conversations and laughs all while learning ways to keep your marriage happy. Check out our website calendar for more information about this series:

When we marry, we promise to stay together till death us do part – but, we don’t promise to stay the same! That would be deadly dull. We need skills and confidence to welcome, integrate, and negotiate change along the way.

Here’s to a NEW year full of renewed interest and commitment to your special one.

Happy Holidays!