Push the Positive!

Suzann Pileggi, a writer for the magazine, American Scientific Mind, writes the following about how couples treat positive situations within their relationship…

“Until recently, studies largely centered on how romantic partners respond to each other’s misfortunes and on how couples manage negative emotions such as jealousy and anger – an approach in line with psychology’s traditional focus on alleviating deficits. One key to successful bonds, the studies indicated, is believing that your partner will be there for you when things go wrong. Then, in 2004, psychologist Shelly L. Gable, currently at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and her colleagues found that romantic couples share positive events with each other surprisingly often, leading the scientists to surmise that a partner’s behavior also matters when things are going well.”

The article goes on to stress the importance of intentionally seeking out positive moments within your relationship and spending time talking and celebrating them.

I thought this was particularly timley since our next Date Your Mate event is a perfect opportunity for just that!

Reserve your place at our February 13 KISS night! Dinner at Daryl’s begins at 6pm with a movie following at the Michigan Theatre. Visit our Events Calendar to learn more…and keep pushing the positive!


Marriage Matters Jackson has  soldout of the dinner package for its Feb. 13th KISS event,  however tickets can still be purchased for the movie portion of the evening. For just $15 you can get tickets for 2 to see Return to Me at the Michigan Theatre, plus complimentary popcorn, snacks and beverages! Let Marriage Matters Jackson help you keep Valentine’s sweet, simple (and affordable) this year. Call 796-5116 to reserve your spot, that’s 796-5116.