Spring Cleaning

It’s this time of year when I am reminded that I should be a better housekeeper.  Seriously, when was the last time I wiped down anything that wasn’t moving and squirming to get away from me?   Wouldn’t it have been easier to just clean a little bit each week during those long winter months, than to sit facing a choice between a beautiful Spring day outside and a rag and bucket inside?

You get the point, right?   How often do we work to upkeep and clean our marriages?  Do we try to do a little bit each day or each week, so that the ugly stuff doesn’t pile up?   

Our Spring couple’s workshops actually help us do a little spring cleaning in our marriages.  You don’t have to be a filthy mess to benefit from a little relaxing one on one time with your spouse!  I’d really encourage you to pick either our weekly Marriage L.I.N.K.S. taking place every Tuesday night in April, or our All About Us overnighter on May 14.  I promise you….this cleaning is pain free!   

And, if you’ve attended one of our events in the past, we’d really like you to post a comment about the event to help spread the word about Marriage Matters Jackson!