The Big Three

Money.  Sex.  Kids.  What comes to mind when you see these words?   I would guess that most couples would list these as the top three stressors in any relationship.  Or, depending on how you look at it, the very best parts of a relationship!  We are going to attemp to tackle all three issues this year, kicking off with a money event on May 1. 

Money is a tricky one, though.  It is often difficult to have productive conversations about family finances without some stress.  But, we think we’ve found an avenue to help you look at money in your marriage in an entirely new way! 

The event, Money Habitudes, created by speaker Syble Solomon, helps people discover how to take more control of their life and future by focusing on making good money choices now.  This event is ideal for couples that disagree about big money stuff – like buying a house or saving for retirement, as well as those frustrated with the same old arguments about who spends money on what and how to pay bills. 

Tickets are $45.00 per couple and include dinner at Commonwealth Commerce Center downtown Jackson.  Call 796-5116 to reserve your spot. 

And the BEST news yet… a comment on the Blog to be entered to win a FREE ticket to this event!