The MMJ Starting Five…

To Blog or Not To Blog? That is the question that has been thrown around our office for some time now.  Some of us enjoy the voyeuristic nature, and lively interaction of the blogging world, while others in our Marriage Matters Jackson “team” find the idea of sharing personal ideas in a public forum a bit too vulnerable.  We decided to go for it, GAME ON.

A while back we put our toe in the water and started a blog- not sure anyone read it but us. We were kind of floating in the shallow end to get used to the idea. Now we’re ready to wade out a little deeper and make a splash with a blog that finds an audience and connects with people who believe that marriage matters and they want to know how to navigate the matters of marriage successfully!  

We thought it would be fun to hear from all of us on the MMJ Staff, with rotating authors, letting you find the voice(s) that resonate with you the most. Some of us use humor to communicate, others statistics, others personal stories and experiences, and sometimes you don’t know what you’re going to get when inspiration strikes!! Random thoughts and observations are pretty common with us!

Let me introduce to you the fabulous voices you will be hearing from on the MMJ Blog- they will introduce themselves a little more in-depth on their individual posts, but here’s the starting lineup for the MMJ Team:

At center at 5’6” tall and MYOB pounds, you have yours truly, Managing Director- Shelby Raines. I love looking for humor in everyday life. I believe laughter is good for the soul and VITAL to healthy relationships. While I love to laugh, I’m very serious about why healthy marriage matters to all of us.

At guard we have Event Manager- Liza Seckler who “slam dunks” our quarterly Date-Your-Mate Events and manages the budget of MMJ on a daily basis. Liza keeps us color coordinated and looking good for any possible photo opportunities. Besides her job and volunteering all over our community, Liza’s passion is shoes.

Also at guard, is Workshop Manager Kylee Miller who moonlights as a volleyball coach for the Concord Yellowjackets. Kylee gets “nothing but net” with her MMJ workshops ranging from PICK-A-Partner for singles to 5 Great Dates for seriously dating/engaged and marriage enrichment workshops like LINKS or All About Us.

Starting at forward, is Marketing Director- Tonya Redding.  Tonya brings to MMJ years of experience and expertise in the areas of marketing and public relations.  Tonya is our numbers girl and loves it when there are solid statistics to back things up. She’s our big scorer! Tonya is our office animal lover and advocate although she only owns one reclusive cat. She apparently feels a kindred spirit with the animal kingdom so you may see that reflected in her writing.

Last but certainly not least, is our power forward- Project Coordinator- Jaci Marken.  She can do it all. She keeps things running smoothly in our office and manages our online presence through Facebook, Twitter, our website, as well as the new improved blog.  You’ll see her graphic design talent on our billboards around town.

To me these people are all MVP’s but judge for yourself who is your MVB (most valuable blogger). I have a feeling you’ll enjoy our variety, and the good news is you don’t have to pick a favorite! Join the conversation about why marriage matters and keep coming back for more!