The Fist Pump Chronicles

I’m Jaci.  (Pronounced Jack-E) But I do also respond to J-C, Jaclyn, Jack, Jax, or Jac-Jac.  I’m the Project Coordinator for MMJ, a.k.a. glorified secretary.  I am in charge of answering the phone, but I also get to do fun stuff like manage our social media sites, SEO, graphic design, website and market research.  I’m a proud Spring Arbor University grad with a B.S. (that acronym could stand for more than one thing) in Advertising and Public Relations.  I’ve been married to Brandon for a little over 2 years now, so my marriage experience is limited, yet I hope to bring a fresh perspective to this blog.  We have a dog, Jaz, who I treat like my child.  (This often becomes material for mocking around the office.)  And we also have a chef and a dishwasher (my brother-in-law and his friend) living in our basement. 

When I first got this job here at MMJ I had absolutely no clue what I was getting myself into.   Shelby thought she was just keeping me occupied by handing me her storage box full of research articles to organize, but she never knew that it would spark a passion in me.  Not just a passion for marriage, but for marriage within the community of Jackson.  Now I read dozens of marriage articles a week.  I’m a walking-talking-marriage-fact-machine.  You tell me the scenario, I’ll tell you their probability for divorce.  You ask me the divorce rate, I’ll ask you what year, what state?  You tell me you think your parent’s divorce has impacted you, I’ll give you 40 proven facts about how it has indeed.  You ask me if marriage really does matter, and I’ll fumble over which fact to tell you first and just blurt out a strong YES.  I wish that I could take all of the facts and stories in my brain’s “Marriage Matters” file and summarize it in one blog post, but it’s impossible.  So little by little, one blog post at a time, I’ll work to educate you on what I’ve learned from people who are much more credible than me.  Now, I’ve been known to send out a subtle fist pump when I get excited.  And sometimes, when I think about MMJ and our potential to change the community, it fires me up so much that I fist pump in my cubicle.  So with every post, imagine a fist pump at the end.