2011 Marriage Resolutions

It’s that time again when some of us try to make a fresh start in some areas of our lives to kick off the new year. Perhaps it involves healthy eating, exercise, organizing our photos, etc. If you are like me, you really know which ones are high on the list and which ones are just nice thoughts (I’m probably not really going to organize the photos).

One area we shouldn’t ignore is our relationships. So why not put “a marriage goal” on your resolution list. Now, I’ve learned that for any goal to be achieved you should write it down, and make it specific, attainable and measurable. This isn’t as hard as it sounds; it could be as simple as jotting down and incorporating one of the tips Jaci just wrote in her blog post like:

Each day I will leave three to four (negative) things unsaid to my spouse. (You could even start with one thing!)

 Here’s another easy one, well easier some days than others, but a short one to write down:

Each day I will greet my spouse with a smile when he/she comes home from work and set a good tone for the evening.

 If you’ve moved beyond these simple improvements, great. Step up to the next level:

This year I will plan and handle all the details for a monthly date with my spouse.


This year I will read one book about marriage and incorporate one idea to enhance my relationship. (hint here: MMJ has a library of marriage books you can check out.)

If you’ve achieved these goals above, super. You know there is still more you can do or other goals you can set, because as they say “if the marriage ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”

So here’s wishing you a happy marriage and a wonderful 2011. We are looking forward to seeing you at some of our events in the year ahead, all geared to building healthy, happy marriages.