Brandon and I are D.I.N.K.W.A.D.S. (Double Income No Kids With A Dog).  Being a D.I.N.K.W.A.D. might sound fun, but it’s actually quite stressful.  The D.I.N.K.W.A.D. stage is a life in limbo, stuck in no-man’s land.  We’re still enjoying being young, and kind of free, and at the same time contemplating that next step. Do we want kids? Do we want to live here?  Do we want to be held down?  Do we buy a house? And we certainly don’t want to be D.I.N.K.W.A.D.S. turned O.R.C.H.I.D.S. (One Recent Child Heavily In Debt).

What makes it really strange is we’ve got some D.E.W.K. friends (Double Employed With Kids), and some N.O.K. friends (No Kids Couples), and some S.I.C.M. friends (Stuck In College Mode).  The result is an identity crisis.  One night we’re sitting around the table drinking tea, trying to play Pictionary without waking up the baby, and the next night we’re playing beer league mud volleyball at Hudson’s. 

Another beautiful part about being a D.I.N.K.W.A.D. is that you are entitled to unlimited advice from family and friends.  “It’s a perfect time to have kids.” “You should wait to have kids.” “You want to see the world first.” “You don’t want to be old parents.” “Now’s the perfect time to buy a house.” “Now’s the perfect time to rent.” “Make sure you both have good jobs.” “You’re not stuck in Michigan, you have no kids, and no house!”  The advice is relentless; but we do appreciate that people care.

While we certainly are excited about the next step in our lives – buying a house, having kids, and becoming a soccer mom; we make a point to enjoy exactly where we are right now.  DINKWADS.  And like the country song says, we know down the road, “we’re gonna miss this. We’re gonna want this back.  We’re gonna wish these days hadn’t gone by so fast.”

So whether you’re a D.I.N.K.W.A.D., a D.E.W.K., a N.O.K., a S.I.C.M., an O.A.R. (Old And Retired), or an E.N.W.A.S.O.M.C. (Empty Nest With A Side Of Midlife Crisis), remember to be where you are.  And enjoy your acronym.