MMJ: It’s Marriage Education

We recently conducted a community survey on marriage and divorce. It was great to find people named Marriage Matters Jackson(MMJ) as a top resource.  The survey, however, also revealed many people don’t know what we’re all about. When describing MMJ, people offered the word “counseling.” This is understandable, but it’s not the right answer. The right answer is MMJ is about marriage education.

A useful analogy is how people are coming to understand and embrace the idea of wellness  – using the  tools of learning, positive behaviors and skills, and healthy lifestyle choices, to improve and prevent  health problems.  MMJ encourages people to understand and embrace the idea of  marriage education, which also uses the tools of learning, positive behaviors and skills, and healthy relationship choices, to improve and prevent marriage problems. Marriage education provides spouses, and couples preparing to marry, with the time and skills they need to take relationships from good to great, from okay to outstanding. Marriage education is maintenance and improvement work; counseling is more like problem identification and repair work.

Just like attending a parenting workshop doesn’t signal that you are a bad parent, attending a marriage education event doesn’t mean you have a problem. It shows proactive care for your relationship and a desire for the best.

Marriages go through many stages. At any one of our workshops or events you’ll find a range of couples. Some come to enjoy a night out, some are trying to understand each other better, and some couples may be in a rough patch. Everyone is welcome, and everyone finds benefit. And because we think education can be entertaining, MMJ offers events and workshops in fun places, with tasty treats and excellent presenters. Plus, in the words of one participant, “Best of all, you don’t have to share anything!”

Marriage Matters Jackson is about building great marriages because people in healthy marriages make better partners, better parents, better employees and better communities.  MMJ works to promote, prepare and preserve healthy marriages with workshops and resources for happy, healthy marriages.  It’s marriage education.