Eating Crow

Once upon a time I was chatting up a colleague.  After a few exchanged pleasantries, she brought up a conversation we had about six months prior.  All I remembered about the conversation was that I was in a hurry to get to practice.  But she remembered more.  She had been carrying guilt from using some harsh words describing a situation she encountered earlier in the day.

I had forgotten.

I was touched by her meekness.  Her frustrations were not directed at me.  She could have easily shrugged the incident off reasoning I probably had too (which would be true).  Or that since her annoyance was not directed at me, I wasn’t the one needing the apology.  But yet she was compelled to seek forgiveness.

I then compared the incident with arguments I have with my husband.  How often do I act childish, selfish and unruly?  How many times have I vented about someone or something without considering how my words may affect Mark’s opinion of said person, place or thing?  How often to I intentionally seek his forgiveness?  I KNOW he will forgive me because I KNOW that he unconditionally loves me.  But yet I trip over my pride and carry on as if an imaginary request and granting of forgiveness occurred.

So, thank you, kind coworker, for leading by example.  I needed that.