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As promised in “The Fist Pump Chronicles,”  I’ve compiled marriage data from our MMJ database to shine some light on “why marriage matters.” With a lot of socioeconomic issues burdening our local communities, it’s hard to feel like we can make a difference. However, according to the expert opinions below, the first step to positively affecting every area of society may be as “simple” as having a great marriage.

  • Communities with a higher percentage of healthy marriages have higher rates of physically and emotionally healthy citizens, higher rates of educated citizens, lower crime statistics, higher rates of home ownership, and a decreased need for social services.
  • There is a high correlation between marriage rates and joblessness.
  • A 1992 study of retirement data concluded that “individuals who are not continuously married have significantly lower wealth than those who remain married throughout their lives.”
  • This year, taxpayers will spend over $300 billion providing means-tested welfare aid to single parents.  The average single mother received nearly $3 in government benefits for each $1 she pays in taxes.
  • The disappearance of marriage in low-income communities is the predominant cause of child poverty in the U.S. today.  If poor single mothers were married to the fathers of their children, 2/3 of them would not be poor.
  • Marriage drops the probability of child poverty by 82%.
  • The absence of a husband and father from the home also is a strong contributing factor to failure in school, crime, drug abuse, emotional disturbance, and a host of other social problems.
  • Married people, on average, appear to be healthier and live longer than unmarried people.
  • America is becoming a nation divided not only by education and income, but also by marital status.

If all of these articles are true, then better marriages lead to better communities, and better communities lead to better marriages; with the opposite being equally true. So whether you attend our events, plug into our seminars, “friend” us on facebook or not; your marriage is effecting every aspect of your life.  Your marriage matters.  Better marriages in the Jackson community means lower crime rates, better education, better jobs, better job stability, and better health. We can create a virtuous cycle in our community, so start with your marriage.  
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 Side note: if any of you come across a marriage article in the news, feel free to forward it to me.  I get several every day.  Also, if you’re ever looking for marriage stats, MMJ has a library full of summarized and categorized articles available to the community.