How will you celebrate YOUR love story?

It’s time to celebrate! Celebrate that person you steal covers from and shove their face away when morning breath is pointing at you! HAPPY NATIONAL MARRIAGE WEEK EVERYONE!

What?! You didn’t have it on your calendar? Well now you do. It’s not just Valentine’s Day anymore folks, we now give you an entire WEEK to ramp up to the big event and celebrate the love of your life! Don’t roll your eyes or grumble—it’s not a made up holiday to sell you anything. National Marriage Week is just a wonderful excuse to celebrate that fabulously flawed Princess or Prince Charming (warts and all) that you vowed happily ever after!

We work really hard at Marriage Matters Jackson to find every opportunity and resource to help you keep your marriage healthy and happy! This Friday is our annual Valentine’s Date-Your-Mate event K.I.S.S. (Keep It Sweet & Simple)- dinner at Daryl’s and the movie Hitch at the Michigan Theatre.  Dinner is SOLD OUT, but tickets are still available for the movie and dessert for only $10 per couple!  You cannot find a better value for your sweetheart this weekend. 

Also we were excited to find that the “Couple Checkup” online relationship tool is on sale to celebrate National Marriage Week! This in an excellent tool whether things are smooth sailing or stormy seas. Here is what we found:

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, the price of the Couple Checkup will be reduced from $29.95 to $19.95 from February 7th through the 14th. Couple’s can also register for a free Couple Checkup Webinar on February 13th, offered by relationship experts, Peter Larson, Ph.D. and Ron Deal LMFT. Dr. Larson is the co-author of the Couple Checkup and Ron Deal is the widely known author, speaker, therapist, and step-family expert. Together, they will unpack the Couple Checkup results and give couples helpful ideas for making the most of the Checkup process.

This is an amazing deal, for $19.95 couples can take the online inventory and attend the webinar. It is a great way to energize any relationship.  So for a mere $30 this week you can celebrate National Marriage Week + Valentine’s Day. Many relationship bonus points scored on your behalf!  You.  Are. Welcome.

I can assure you I have NEVER heard anyone say that they wished they had NOT done something to give maintenance or add fun to their marriage. I have, however, heard many stories of people who regret not taking every opportunity to keep their love story going.

Sadly this weekend the fragility of life was brought to center stage in the tragic ending of the love story of Chad and Sara Cole.  Sara died in a car accident and their unborn first baby Miranda was delivered and fighting for her tiny life.  Chad and Sara have been joined at the hip since college—they’re the couple who was always cuddling in the dorm lounge and I’m told nothing changed over the years.  He lost his wife and best friend.

This tragedy reminded me that we don’t know how long our earthly love story will last.  So wherever you are in your marriage journey today- for better or worse, richer or poorer, sickness or health, there is something we can do to actively nurture our relationships.  Go ahead and invest a little time and money in celebrating your love story this week—I guarantee you will NOT regret it!

Tell me what you’re doing this week to enhance your happily ever after…