It’s coming…

Ahh Valentine’s Day. Visions of red and pink hearts, roses, cupid and the one day out of the year that you celebrate your love  for your spouse, right? (Well, at MMJ we certainly hope it’s not just one day a year!) The big day can come with a lot of expectations for one or both partners in the relationship, and those expectations can vary as much as the individual themselves. Some may choose to ignore the day completely, while others may look forward to the day so much they begin buying items for next year’s Valentine’s on February 15th… or is that just me? 🙂

While some may L.O.V.E. the heart day, the pressure to be romantic and sweep a lover off his/her feet can be immense. I recently read that Valentine’s makes people more anxious than any other day of the year, even more than April 15th. When one person has visions of diamonds and a candlelit dinner, and the other has visions of a backrub and leftovers, the whole day can be ruined.

How can you have the day you’ve always wanted? Simply by asking your husband or wife, “what do you really want to happen this Valentine’s Day?” Whether you’ve been in a relationship for three days or thirty years, taking the time to find out what your partner thinks will be well worth the time and will help to avoid disappointment.

So how do you celebrate? Candlelit dinner? Roses? Jewelry? Or do you and your spouse let the day pass? There is no wrong way to celebrate, as long as you and your significant other are on the same page. It’s all about knowing your partner and his/her preferences.

Do you have expectations this Valentine’s Day? Was there a time when you were disappointed or completely surprised? Let us know- we love to hear your stories!