It Just Takes One

Whenever I’m somewhere working for Marriage Matters Jackson, it doesn’t take long before I hear a comment like this: “your stuff sounds fun, but I’d never be able to get my husband to go to something like ‘that’.” I’m not sure what they think MMJ is, but I do understand many people are hesitant to try something new, especially when it’s dealing with something like your marriage. Maybe people are afraid if they come to MMJ events and/or workshops they will have to “share” with others — they won’t. Maybe they think it means their marriage is in trouble – it doesn’t. Maybe they believe MMJ is counseling – it’s not.  MMJ would love every couple to come to our workshops and/or events, but we know for whatever reason, some people never will. This doesn’t stop us from trying to share our message, or work to continuously keep our offerings fresh and attract new couples who want to take their marriage from good to great. 

The truth is it would be ideal if every couple was equally invested and committed to the growth of their relationship, but ideal is not necessary for you to enhance your marriage. If you are a person reading this who wishes your marriage was stronger or better in some way, remember it only takes one person to change the dynamic of a relationship. Yes, it would be great if you were both working on it together, but even if only you improve your communication skills or learn ways to better connect, the relationship is going to change. And truthfully, the change we make as individuals is the only thing we have any control over anyway. MMJ offers all kinds of resources and links on our website to help you – even if it’s only YOU who is working on the relationship.

In marriage it often isn’t 50/50, in fact many times it’s more like 80/20, but that still adds up to 100.  It’s teamwork, even if sometimes one person has to work harder for you both to win.