He Put a Ring on It!

As you may remember from my first blog post, I stated I was the only member of the MMJ Fab Five who has not yet tied the knot. Well, it’s still a true statement as I did not fly to Vegas for the weekend; however, I’m happy to announce Nick popped the question, and we got engaged over Valentine’s weekend!

So, where to start? Well, there’s the dress, the flowers, the location, the guest list and about a million other things to decide. I have no doubt this will be an exciting (and a bit overwhelming) time, however, what I’m looking forward to the most is not preparing for our wedding, but preparing for our actual marriage

Yes, I’ll be the first to admit- even though I work for a healthy marriage nonprofit- I do not have all of the answers and expertise when it comes to marital bliss. What I am lucky enough to possess is the knowledge and realization that our marriage is not going to be easy every single day and that Nick and I are going to have to work together to make our marriage last for a lifetime. 

All couples are not doomed from the beginning, but most people tend to fall in love, marry, and hope for the best. I have seen first hand (through friends, family and people I’ve met through MMJ) so many people do so much to prepare for the wedding day and so little to prepare for the marriage. After putting months of effort into one day, they wake up the next morning after their beautiful ceremony and think, “now what?” I wonder what the effect would be if the same amount of time, energy, and money spent on the ceremony was invested in the marriage. Planning the perfect wedding too often takes precedence over planning a successful marriage, and lack of planning is often what sabotages the relationship.

Luckily for Nick and me, and other couples who are seriously dating and engaged, MMJ is offering a brand new workshop debuting next week called Five Great Dates Before You Get Married. Every Thursday in March, we’ll meet up at a different location around Jackson to talk about various hot topics such as communication, hopes and expectations, goal setting and more. It’s so important for ALL couples to go to this because no one’s marriage will be a smooth road, so why not figure out how to deal with the bumps ahead of time.

Whether you just met a couple weeks ago, have been seriously dating for a couple of years, or even if you’re planning your honeymoon, this workshop will help you learn the skills you’ll need for a lasting and happy life together. Make sure you sign up today, as spots are going fast- I’ll see you there!