The Best Wedding Toast

Several years ago I attended a wedding where the groom made such a sweet toast to his bride that I remember it to this day. The bride and groom were so obviously in love and happy to be together; everyone could see it.

The handsome young groom and his 4 siblings were raised by his Mom after his Dad had died too young from cancer.  The beautiful day was bittersweet only because his Dad wasn’t there to celebrate with them, but you could feel the love his family had for their father despite his absence.

When the time came for toasting, the groom stood up to address the room and said words something like this:

“When my Dad died my Mom told me that he was saving a place in heaven just for me where we would be together again someday.” Then he turned to his bride and said, “but I think until that time my Dad has sent me an angel for my wife.”

The beautiful toast and wedding were just the start of an incredible marriage. The cute young couple went on to have six children while still radiating deep love for each other.  They were completely devoted to each other; everyone could still see it.

So it was especially heartbreaking to me this week to find out the bride, still not yet 40, died from cancer leaving him to care for their six children with a huge whole in his heart for his true love. It is incredibly tragic.

But because I have seen his mother do the same, I know he can raise his children showing them that love transcends death. For the rest of their lives, he will show his children that they had a mom and dad deeply committed to each other, whose love could not be weakened, even in death. Her presence will remain because of their love for each other. Heaven will help them too, because they now all of them have an angel on their side.

And in the end there are three things that last: faith, hope and love … and the greatest of these is love.