Rate Your Marriage

Right now, I’m in the thick of one of my busiest times of the year.  During this time, I frequently get asked questions about our Marriage Education workshops.  One of the MOST reoccurring question I get asked is, “What is the difference between each workshop you offer?”

We have three workshops we offer to married couples: Marriage Restoration, All About Us and Marriage LINKS.

May I have the soap box for a minute?  I’d like to note that I truly believe that EVERYONE can take something away from each class.  Whether in need of help, or just seeking more tools for your tool-box, I guarantee you’ll bring something away from any of the three.  More than once we’ve had church leaders, marriage mentors or couples attend to reinforce or beef-up what they are already doing.  But for any first-time peeps thinking about attending a workshop, here are my recommendations:

**Before you proceed, I need you to rank your marriage on a scale from 0-10.  Zero being: ‘We’re in Trouble’ and ten being: ‘Practically Perfect in Every Way’.  My boss, Shelby, likes to add, “If you don’t know, ask your kids.”

Marriage Restoration targets marriages that are in tough spots.  This workshop is held each week at NO CHARGE.  If we get a phone call from a person in tears, we don’t have to ask them to wait for a workshop a month away.  We have something for you RIGHT NOW and at NO COST, with rotating topics.  So even if you do have a healthy marriage, but you’re tripping in a certain area, you can catch that topic when it circles around.  Plus?  You both don’t have to attend.  We’ve had many people come by themselves, representing a couple, who earn valuable skills for their marriage.  I’d recommend this workshops for first-time-workshop couples who’s marriage ranks between 0 and 5.

All About Us focuses a lot on communication, conflict resolution and forgiveness.  This program has been heavily researched and is proven to improve and enhance relationships.  We offer this workshop usually twice a year, and usually in a weekend retreat format.  I’d recommend the All About Us workshop to first-time-workshop couples who’s marriage ranks between a 3 and 7.

Marriage LINKS focuses on the intimacy in your marriage and helps you take your marriage from good to great.  Marriage LINKS is typically offered between 2-4 times a year in weekend retreat or 3-4 ‘Date Nights’ format.  You will acquire skills for managing crucial relationship links such as mutually knowing, trusting in, depending on, committing to and sexually fulfilling each other.  I’d recommend LINKS to first-time-workshop couples who’s marriage ranks between a 5 and 10.

The truth is, many topics are over-lapped in these three workshops which makes giving a short description difficult.  I’d like to hear from those who have been to two or more of our workshops.  What did you like and why?