Flat Tires, Falling Teeth, & The Tight Rope Between Work and Family

 MMJ is applying for a federal grant, it is all hands on deck to fulfill the enormity of the requirements they have requested.  During a meeting my temporary crown falls out.  Race to the dentist but hurry– he is going out of town. What’s THIS? A FLAT TIRE?!. It’s 100 degrees out here and my extent of car care knowledge is putting gas in it. Husband works 40 miles away and can’t be of any help. No babysitters available, the kids have watched too much tv and are turning on each other. I’m sure I’m next on the hit list. I know I’ll snap if I hear “I’m bored” or “There is nothing to do” when I’m frantically dancing down this tight rope. Work calls, they need answers.  Calgon take me away…

When it rains it pours. Since our name is Raines I use that expression frequently.  I also feel the reality of this phenomenon when trying to juggle the variety of moving parts I call my life. I desire for the motion of everything to be timed so precisely that each ball is tended to and tossed back into motion at regular intervals to keep things moving smoothly.  Most of  the time I feel less like a talented juggler and more like I’m walking a tight rope, and one of those tennis ball shooters is lobbing the balls at me faster than I can handle.

When it rains it pours. I’m in the middle of a monsoon. Each ball cries they deserve top billing. The problem is that none of the balls give a hoot what the needs of the other balls might be. Work doesn’t care that you have 3 needy kids on summer vacation waiting for their needs to be met.  The 3 needy kids don’t care that you have a big project, all they know is that you are working a lot, they feel ignored, and you are distracted even when you’re here.  Husband has his own juggling act so he has limits on what he is willing to give a rip about.  He wants the tire fixed and doesn’t have room to care about my work project.  So none of them care about the other but I care about each of them being properly juggled so I can keep my sanity. 

When it rains it pours. It’s time to get everything in some sort of order.  Tooth is fixed, tire will be. Demanding work, grumpy husband, needy kids- get in line.  I will juggle your issues the best I can. I’m back on the tight rope with a renewed sense of determination. I’m sure I’ll fall off my tight rope between work and family again and will need to start over. But a talented juggler needs a lot of practice and gets right back at it when it all falls down.