The Miller High Life

Do you tweet?  It seems that many of the love, marriage and dating experts/organizations MMJ follows on Twitter have been publishing ‘Summer Date Ideas’.  In fact, we’ve retweeted a handful.  After the most recent RT, I realized that I’m guilty of perusing the list, but I haven’t read the lists in depth OR applied them to our ‘dating life’.  So then I started mind-wandering (cue: movie montage music) to some of the dates or activities we have done this summer.  So rather than compiling a well-researched and cited list, I made my own so you, too, can experience the (Mark & Kylee) Miller High Life.

  • Babysit: We are not yet parents.  But we are friends with parents who occasionally need time-away from the kiddos and also have nephews that we love to spend extended weekends with.  It’s been fun to spoil the kids during our two-hour shift and a great excuse for acting like a kid (jumping on a trampoline, going down water slides, lighting off fireworks, etc.).
  • Double-Date: We’ve only been in Michigan for two years, and I’m lucky to report that we’ve been able to find couples that we both enjoy hanging out with.  We’ve done dinner and a movie, game nights and even a girls-dish/men-play-PS3 night.  That counts, right?
  • Try a New Restaurant: There are a handful of restaurants that have been recommended to us.  We’ve followed-up on a few.  Some we liked; some we didn’t.  But it is quasi-adventurous and we get to know our community better.
  • Nightly 15-Minute Walk: Well, almost nightly.  Because, seriously?  Those 90 degree evenings aren’t exactly pleasant to walk in.  But about 3 nights a week, we’ll lace-up the tennies and pound the pavement.  It’s a great time to rehash the day and spy on our neighbors who leave their curtains open.  Kidding!  (mostly) .
  • Sunday Drive/Road Trip: One of things I love most about our area is the many small, off-the-beaten-path shops and markets.  Just this past weekend we took our time to drive a 20-mile loop to hit a few.  It’s a relaxing and a great way to connect before the onslaught of a busy work week.  (Bonus points for supporting the local economy!)
  • Volunteer: Actually, Mark is the only one volunteering, as many of the ‘volunteering’ activities are MMJ related.  We had a blast working and entertaining at the Free Movie in the Park(side) event.  Last summer, we even enjoyed manning the parking lot entrance and people watching when MMJ staffed the United Way parking lot as a fundraiser during the Jackson County Fair.  By the way?  We ALWAYS need volunteers.  Hit Liza up if you’re interested – we have volunteer opportunities starting next week!
  • Read the Book, Watch the Movie: Again, only one of us cares to read (yours truly), but we both enjoy movies.  This summer I got the bug to read and then re-watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  It’s been somewhat embarrassing realizing how much I didn’t understand the first go-round of watching the movies.  Since I can get both the books and the movies from the library, it’s cheap AND we can press pause to explain what the movie left-out that the book better explains (and potty breaks – they’re LONG movies!).  And lucky for me, the LOTR series is a part of a select group of movies that Mark can stand to re-watch.  There are plenty of other based-on-the-novel movies or series one might try: The Bourne trilogy, the Twilight saga, or the Harry Potter books/movies – to name a few.
  • Accept Open-Ended Offers: We’ve had two friends offer time at their lake cabin.  It’s a free (minus the travel and food) and easy mini-vacation!  The trick is trying to remember all of those “Any time you want to..” invitations.
  • Garage Sale-ing: One weekend this summer, we researched all of the local garage and estate sales and made a plan of attack.  We even stumbled on an auction.  I didn’t bid (because I’m a chicken), but I did sit next to a veteran who gave me all kinds of inside information about auctions (probably because she could tell I wasn’t a threat to outbid her).  We didn’t spend much, but we were able to find a few things we’ve been in need of around the house.
I came up with 9 ideas.  It seems any GOOD list would have a nice, even number.  Like 10.  What suggestions do YOU have to finish the list?