Marriage is Monotonous

I work in the office part-time, leaving me lots of time to clean toilets, organize my home, and fix great meals. Actually, I don’t do any of those things that well, but I do get some quality time at home with my husband and kiddos. Most of that time is spent doing boring stuff, really, because let’s face it, life is filled with lots of boring stuff … and so is marriage.

In fact, I bet if you asked many people why they chose divorce or thought about it, if they were really honest they would say “one (or both) of us got bored with each other.” People use expressions like irreconcilible differences, fell out of love, nothing left to talk about — those are often code words for one of us got bored. 

But here is the irony: the monotony of life is usually the first thing you crave when it’s missing. Ask a couple who is facing job loss, or a military family who is facing  deployment, or a family with a sick child. Simple, boring, run of the mill activities take on a whole new meaning and look a whole lot better than you ever imagined. Normal days are what you live for.

 So if you are ever tempted to roam, or feel like your life is in a rut, just hold on or better yet find ways to spice it up in a healthy way (read some of our date suggestions for instance) and remember, boring isn’t always bad.