Goal #22

My 8th grade English teacher made us write 100 life goals. My sparkly blue gel pen ambitions were then laminated and sent home to sit in a box until this blog post. Among my many inspirational goals to get a tan, drive a red car, and climb Mount Everest (yes, I was a big dreamer), was goal #22: Get married. 3 years ago today I put a check in the box on that goal. (Happy Anniversary Brandon!) However, I’d like to think that that specific “goal” is never completely fulfilled.

If you had an anniversary in August, you may have received a card from MMJ in the mail! If you didn’t choose to get married the hottest month of the year, let me fill you in without spilling the beans. The card includes some anniversary tips from us, one of them being:

“how will you choose to grow together this next year?”

That’s our subtle hint to let you know that marriage is not just a check in the box on goal #22 of your life. It’s something you’ve got to make an effort everyday to improve. The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson explains how nothing in life is stagnant. In every area of your life you are either moving forward or backward, and your marriage is no exception.

So make some goals for you and your spouse. Write them down in sparkly blue gel pen and laminate them if you want. But don’t settle for a “pretty good” marriage. Take it from good to great. Do something little each day to make it better. And if you’re racking your brain for ideas on how to do that, visit our website or sign up for one of our workshops. That’s our bread and butter here at MMJ.