The De-Throned Queen of Routine

Back to school means back to routine. We have a love/hate relationship. I like parts of routine that give me a general outline (like work for me and my husband and school for the kids).  But I’m not the queen of routine.  I’ve been knocked off that pedestal too many times to count. I try to be organized and keep everything and everyone on task but there is something in me that fights against having every moment of every day allocated. I’m not a very rebellious person by nature but routine sometimes brings out a bit of a defiant nature in me. Rebellion by its nature usually ends up hurting not just me but those around me too. Double bookings- truth sometimes TRIPLE bookings- happen occasionally and that drives my very organized and scheduled husband CrAzY!

Following a template and schedule without the infusion of my own creativity and  style really bugs me. I’ve thought about why it bothers me so much to be boxed in by a plan and I’ve concluded that it takes out the opportunity for me to be spontaneous. My whole life my ability to think on my feet and create fun and function out of nothing is one of the best things about me.  This is what makes me the fun wife, the cool mom, and outside-the-box boss. Ok, those are self-imposed titles of who I want to see myself being.

Usually it’s something small or very specific that can be our “thing” and it can drive others nuts when we don’t use it right. My thing is creativity/spontaneity that makes me tick but when I rebel against routine and schedule, I’m not doing myself or those around me any service.

Recently I’ve decided it’s best for me professionally and personally to try to be a little more proactive and scheduled about things. Ugh. I guess I’m growing up.  So I’m looking ahead, putting things on the schedule now in ONE place that will help me be ready for  what’s next. I guess being prepared and working ahead isn’t SO bad. I’m actually finding there are still those hidden little spots that sneak in where I can still be me and make up a plan on the fly. I’m not cured. I’m just recognizing my rebellion and reigning in routine to make things a little more peaceful for myself and my nearest and dearest.

School starts next week and I already have school supplies on hand. That’s pretty BIG for me. Also, my new calendar just told me it’s time to get ready for my son’s back to school orientation. That’s right, I’m not going to hear about this one AFTER it happens! The Queen of Routine is jumping back on the throne. I might even get crazy and do a chores chart or a teeth brushing chart….when I FEEL LIKE IT that is!

I know I’m not alone. What’s your thing?  What’s your grown up rebellion that makes you- YOU, but might not work for those around you as well as you would like? Is it time or money? How about control or the desire for peace & harmony above all else? What are some other examples you can think of?