He’s Better When I’m Worse

I’ve learned what my husband meant when he recited his vows to me six years ago.

I normally consider myself a relatively healthy person.  I occasionally get hit with a cold and will randomly complain of a kink in my neck or a sore back.  But two weeks ago, I endured a week that included a trip to the ER, an emergency surgery,  two different types of prescription pain meds and a significant hiatus from work and practice.  It’s not a week I hope to repeat.  Ever.  I’m pleased to report I am now feeling much better and my body (for the most part) is back to normal.

The Mr. was a superstar during the whole ordeal.  He made meals, cleaned up, kept me company, brought me to appointments and even forfeited the rights to the remote.  And I was no princess during all this.  Nor did I smell pleasant.

I’ll save you the gruesome details – but I’ll just say he now has truly seen me at my worst.  And he never complained, rolled his eyes nor showed any exasperation with me.

So even though it was a rotten week, I can honestly say that my love for my husband deepened through the trials I faced.  I can’t think of anyone else who would have put up with what he did that week.  He’s a keeper.