5 worst dates

In honor of our “5 GREAT Dates Before You Say I Do” workshop that starts next Thursday, we decided to do a group post of, in fact, the exact opposite. Here are the 5 worst dates the 5 wives have been on. (In no particular order, and with no names to protect identities of those who should be embarassed.)

*Disclaimer: The 5 Wives humbly admit we are probably responsible for some of the “worst date” stories told by a select group of men.

The worst date I ever went on:

  • I wouldn’t kiss him so his friends threw me in the pool.
  • He surprised me on Valentine’s Day with a double date with his parents. They paid.
  • When he came to pick me up, he sat in the street and honked. I had to go get him and bring him inside to meet my parents.
  • We went to a late night movie and I fell asleep and drooled on his shoulder.
  • It was a blind date. He drove up in a car with Looney Toones mud flaps, window clings, and stuffed animals in the back window.

What’s your “worst date” story?