Help a marriage: Babysit!

A friend of mine told me she recently decided to help another married couple by offering – well actually insisting – to watch their children for several days while they took a special trip together. Now that’s more than a thoughtful gesture – that’s a potential marriage saver! And my friend knows because she has weathered some storms in her own marriage, and she says offering her time to babysit is her way of encouraging others in their marriage. Wow, what a great way to prove she believes Marriage Matters!

When you first become a parent people often offer to babysit “if you ever need me,” but truthfully you rarely or never call people when they make these nice, but not specific offers. You don’t want to have to call and ask people and besides the baby is still sweet (when it’s sleeping anyway). Several years into parenthood, when you are not quite as enamored with your children, people don’t usually offer anymore, even though you probably need the time as a couple even more. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone who believes Marriage Matters called a couple with children and said something like this:

 “Hi friend, hey listen I have my calendar out and I am reserving time just to have fun with your children. So I want you to tell me what day or night in the next month I can come and get your kids and you and your spouse can get away together.”  If you don’t get a response, it might be because they are stunned, but chances are your offer will be accepted and appreciated. So go help a marriage today: make a date to babysit!