If you want a happy marriage, be more self-centered

We’ve been conducting video interviews over the past week to archive some of the great stories from some of the great couples who have been impacted by Marriage Matters Jackson.  It was so cool to hear the honest, funny, heartbreaking and redemptive stories of the struggles and joys of marriage, but the one thing that really stuck out to me was the idea of improving your marriage by working on yourself.  So often in times of conflict, we focus on our spouse; their needs, their faults, and their issues fill our heads and hearts.  What if you shifted that focus?

The term self-centered usually has negative connotations because we associate it with selfishness and greed.  But if you think about it in terms of self-improvement, the benefits are easy to see.  We all bring baggage to our relationships, so the more we can understand and sort out our own “stuff”, the better equipped we are to be a healthy partner to our husband or wife.  So next time your marriage hits a rough patch, take a look inside yourself and become a little more self-centered…in the good way!