LIVE! From Jackson, Michigan!

Jaci had a phone call last week that went something like this:

Jaci: “Marriage Matters Jackson, this is Jaci.”

Caller: “Is Gary Chapman REALLY coming to Jackson?  Like, in person?”

Jaci: “Yep!”

Caller: “So, not a video, he’ll really be there?”

Jaci: “Yes.  Gary Chapman, will really be here.”

Caller: “And it’s only $50.00 per person?”

Jaci: “Or $99 per couple.”

Caller: “Get out!”

Okay, so it’s not verbatim, but the caller really did tell Jaci to, “Get out!”.  We were a little bummed that we didn’t get a recording of the conversation.  It would have made for a brilliant radio ad.

So yes.  The author who sold 5 MILLION copies of his book, “The Five Love Languages“, is coming to town on November 5th to teach us all how to get the marriage we’ve always wanted.  The caller’s excitement was spot on–it is a BIG DEAL.  This has been in the works for a few years as it takes a while to get on Dr. Chapman’s schedule.  We all hugged and danced around when Liza got the confirmation that we were officially booked.

Personally, I’ve been a big fan of his for a while and had the honor to meet him at a conference last year.  I was star-struck.   Thankfully, Shelby was with me and was able to gush all of the fanatic feelings that were stopped up inside me.  The best part about Dr. Chapman?  He’s definitely NOT a dry speaker.  I enjoyed listening to him as much as I enjoyed reading his written word.

DO NOT LET THIS OPPORTUNITY PASS.  Register now by going here.  You won’t be sorry.