Star Struck Shelby—You Can Get Struck Too!

I don’t get star struck much but I’m a HUGE fan of Dr. Gary Chapman who wrote The 5 Love Languages. We (Marriage Matters Jackson) are bringing him to town- IN PERSON on November 5th and it’s a really big deal!

This picture is when I had the chance to meet him in person at a marriage conference in Orlando. Yep, I was star struck. He was not at all phased by my giddiness and giggles and might have even gestured to security to keep an eye on me. But the reason I’m such a fan of this man and his work is that he is practical and down-to-earth. He gives you pieces of truth and encouragement that you can use IMMEDIATELY. 

The Saturday conference is from 9am-3:30pm and I can’t imagine a better way to invest your time or money that day than doing something to enrich your marriage. I didn’t say FIX like there’s something wrong with your marriage. I mean ENRICH- like to make it even better. I’ve heard people say, “our marriage is great, we don’t need to attend”. That baffles me every time!  MMJ doesn’t exist to only bring back couples of the brink of divorce and disaster. NO WAY! In fact our vision is to promote prepare and preserve HEALTHY marriages meaning we want to help you FIND and KEEP the best marriage possible. 

Ok, you don’t like the words enrich or make even better? Then take your pick from these other terms that mean the same thing as enriching your marriage…Bolster your bride? Refine your relationship? Soup up your sweetie? How about upgrade? Not your SPOUSE!! That is NOT the direction I’m headed in! I mean upgrade the state of your marriage. Go from good to great! You don’t take offense when someone asks if you want to upgrade to first class or to the Jacuzzi suite, right? Then why take offense when you are offered a very convenient and affordable upgrade for your marriage?  I’m pretty sure when you got married you didn’t say in your vows- “I take thee to be my husband / wife, and I hope we find a nice plateau for our marriage where we just call it good and ride into the sunset on the back of mediocrity.”

Routine is one thing; rut is another. My challenge to you is to see MMJ workshops, events, and resources as opportunities to shake things up, keep it fresh, and maintain momentum…whatever resonates with you.  I promise you will enjoy Dr. Chapman and the encouragement and wisdom he has to share with all of us.

So if you’re both complacent with the status of your relationship and don’t expect anything to ever change, then this event November 5th might not be for you. If you’re in the other 99% of us who know life offers ups and downs along the journey, then I encourage you that there is no better place to be for your relationship and your family on November 5th than with Marriage Matters Jackson and Dr. Gary Chapman.

Can’t make it that day but you want to support MMJ and this event? How about making a donation that could help us give tickets to a couple who truly doesn’t have the money to attend right now?  

You’ve only got until this Wednesday, Nov. 2nd to register! Don’t come crying to me AFTER the event about how you heard it was awesome and wished you hadn’t missed it. This is your chance to get star struck too! November 5th– Get the Marriage You’ve Always Wanted!

Register at right now. Seriously click that link and invest in your marriage!!