Serving up the MMJ staff

I’m not quite ready to let Thanksgiving go! Can I have one more indulgence as I express my thankfulness for the wonderful group of people who make up the main dish of Marriage Matters Jackson? These people make the magic of MMJ happen and they make it look easy. But what we do to promote, prepare and preserve healthy marriages takes a LOT of work and planning. I am thankful for an exceptional group of turkeys to work with as we serve our community together.

It’s the first anniversary of The 5 Wives blog where we have featured tips and insights about life and love from the fabulous ladies of Marriage Matters Jackson. We thought it would be a fun way to hear from difference voices from different stages of life. It has been a fun year and we have had many great conversations with you all. I wanted to express my thanks to the 5 wives behind The 5 Wives and give you a little more information that you might not otherwise know from reading their blog posts. So here is my thankful tribute, I hope you gobble it up.

While mashed potatoes do not seem to jump out as a flattering tribute, I consider Jaci to be this side dish in the best meaning possible. I am so thankful for her consistency and her very direct honesty that she warmly delivers with a sweet smile. She keeps us on our toes and makes sure everything is always pulled together and up to date with the website, Facebook, and MMJ in general. Our mashed potato Jaci is the glue that keeps us all together around here. I’m thankful she shares her talents with MMJ in such a lovely way. Jaci is most often found graphically designing at a computer screen and is most likely gobbling down chips (blue corn tortilla at the moment) and worrying about her dog Jasmine’s emotional needs.

Liza is our Thanksgiving dressing. She is our fashionista, shoe maven, and trend watcher who keeps us on our toes. Liza mixes style and good stewardship to pull together some amazing events for MMJ that keep couples coming back and wanting more! I’m thankful that Liza came to us as a volunteer and then turned into a great treasure by sharing her gifts with us as a staff member. Liza is busy planning a wedding to Nick who is in Afghanistan serving in the Marines and we are her cheerleaders while he is gone.

Kylee is the gravy to our potatoes. She is warm and fun yet thorough and consistent. She is always on top of things and has it all covered! Gravy is good on anything, and so is Kylee. I am so thankful that Kylee brings her humor and sincerity to the work we do at MMJ. Besides masterfully organizing our MMJ workshops, Kylee is a volleyball coach and in April will be a first time mommy. We are all VERY excited about a new baby to fuss over around here!

Sweet potato casserole is our Amy Pelletier. Our new development director has this sweet gooey marshmallow first impression then she gets down to serious business in helping MMJ raise the funds we need to keep serving couples and families in our community. MMJ is here to stay and Amy is an integral part of why we will have sustainability into the future. I am thankful that Amy puts her sassy yet sincere talents to work for MMJ. You’ll find Amy doing a hilarious impression then in the same breath find a way to negotiate a new sponsor.

Our marketing director is Tonya Redding and she is MMJ’s green bean casserole. Green and healthy but mixes in a delicious sauciness and tops it off with a little crunchy onion to get the job done. I am so thankful that Tonya came along to walk this journey with MMJ and with me, as a treasured co-worker and friend. She is currently consulting with us and is our funny chicken little who occasionally tells us the sky is falling just to see if we have a plan of action. Tonya is our beloved mascot and we laugh both with and at her on a regular basis. You will NEVER find Tonya in a craft store. A coffee shop is much more likely a place to have a Tonya sighting.

I just gobble these ladies up and adore working with each one of them. I’m looking forward to the next year of The 5 Wives to see what insights on love and life they each have to share with us. Thankful for them and for all of you, our MMJ friends!