“Reality” Gets Real

One thing that you may be surprised to learn about me is I absolutely love celebrity gossip. Is it something I’m proud of? Well, no, but that doesn’t stop me from checking out Us Magazine online almost daily. I especially love following the couples; although I probably watch the “reality” shows a little differently than the average person- you know, working for a healthy marriage nonprofit and all. 🙂

 While most of the celebrity couples appear to be train wrecks, there seems to be a couple every now and then who defy the odds. One of those couples, I believe, is Bill and Giuliana Rancic. Even if you do not watch their show on the Style Network, you may recognize their names from the news lately. A couple of months ago, Giuliana revealed her diagnosis of breast cancer and the couple appeared this morning on the Today Show to make another announcement that Giuliana is going to undergo a Double Mastectomy.

In addition to the strength and courage that Giuliana has, what struck me most is the love between these two individuals. In discussing the options, Giuliana told the interviewer that Bill said to her, “I just need you around for the next fifty years, kid. I don’t care what you look like, I don’t care about the physical portion of this; I just need you around for the next fifty years, so let’s just get you healthy.”

 I just love the beauty in what he told her- it’s not about her physical appearance for him; it’s having her with him for the rest of their lives that matters.