Let me make it up to you

After Shelby’s post 2 weeks ago celebrating our “5 Wives” anniversary, I took a trip down memory lane reading all of my blog posts from the year, and realized an apology is in order.  I know there are some melancholy, detailed readers out there who have been wondering for the past months, “Where have the fist-pumping stats gone?!” 

 Let me make it up to you.

Interesting fact of the week:

Marriage has important biosocial consequences for adults and children. Marriage promotes good outcomes in what social scientists call the “biosocial” area of life – the connection between our social relationships and how our bodies function. One of the main biosocial consequences being found in young girls.

Girls appear to benefit in their sexual development from growing up in an intact, married family.

Adolescent girls who grow up apart from an intact, married household are significantly more likely to have early menstruation. Early sexual development, in turn, is associated with significantly higher levels of premature sexual activity and teenage pregnancy on the part of girls.

This very interesting “fist-pumping” fact promoting marriage brought to you by: Why Marriage Matters, Third Edition: Thirty Conclusions from the Social Sciences, Institute for American Values National Marriage Project (2011).