Remember my He’s Better When I’m Worse post?  It was during this time that my husband and I learned that we’re expecting our first child.  Baby Girl Miller is expected mid April.

I’ve since inundated myself with just about any pregnancy and parenting book that’s been recommended.  I will admit I keep getting distracted by fiction tales.  Somehow a good love or funny story draws my attention more than pages of reasons why I need to be sleeping on my left side.

The latest book we’re going through is a baby names book.  And while we haven’t come close to selecting her name, Mark did bring up a point that got me thinking.  He asked, “Did you know your name means ‘boomerang’?”

I HAD heard that before, but since it wasn’t ‘princess’ or ‘most beloved child of mine’ I had kind of forgotten about it (one can’t really rub ‘boomerang’ into their sister’s face).  But since he made the comment between Thanksgiving and Christmas I started thinking about ways I am a boomerang.

I grew up in northern Minnesota, but have lived in South Dakota, Oklahoma and now Michigan.  Since moving away, there has only been ONE Christmas that I haven’t boomeranged back home or at least to a family members place.

And not only do I boomerang home – I boomerang back to my childhood habits.  For instance: when I’m with my in-laws I’m on my best behavior.  I’m always dressed appropriately, I’ll do my hair and make-up and make a point to network the room to chat with everyone.

But when I’m a HOME –  or with my family – the bossy big sister in me reemerges.  I’ll wear sweat pants non-stop, shower when convenient and seem to be content with lounging around the entire time.  My sisters and I boomerang back to conversations thick with inside jokes and childhood memories and experiences.  We’ll even attack each other by popping each other’s zits, which totally grosses Mark out.

There’s something comfortable and familiar about boomeranging.  The nostalgic feeling is almost unavoidable when I’m around my family.

During the holidays and trips to see family – in what ways do YOU boomerang?