Marriage is for rich people

One of the top reasons people delay marriage is because they don’t feel like they are financially stable enough, or because they can’t afford the wedding of their dreams.  And there is even a belief by some that “marriage is for rich people,” so we will just have a baby together and maybe get married someday.

The irony is single people, and single parents specifically, are much more likely to live in poverty. To quote a recent report “in 21st-century America, the well-off and well-educated have the best odds of enjoying the domestic stability while the very people who most need resilient families — the working poor and the hard-pressed middle class — are less and less likely to have them.” That’s just not fair, and it’s one of the top things I love about MMJ. 

At Marriage Matters Jackson we don’t care if you are rich or poor, we want you to enjoy the benefits you deserve through marriage. At every MMJ workshop and event we have a wide variety of people, because whether you’re a CEO or lost your job last week, your marriage matters to you, your kids and our community.