In Sickness & In Health

I think we gloss past the “In Sickness” portion of wedding vows.  Typically the bride and groom are young and healthy and there isn’t much though about what happens if those “In Health” times turn ugly. 

 It feels as though I’ve been somewhere on the sick spectrum for what seems like months now.  As the wife and mom you’re not really allowed much sick time. No one knows what to do when the matriarch is down for the count.  My family is pretty supportive when I’m sick. I get to disappear for a day or so and they bring me things and check on me. Then I start hearing comments like, “Are you STILL sick?” or “Wow Mom are you sick again?!” or “You need to go to the doctor, we’ve got a lot to do.” I know it’s because they miss the normal me but it’s a lot of pressure to quickly get well on top of the crazy sinus pressure that has already taken up real estate in your head. My husband is cute when I start feeling better, he kind of reacts like I’m finally back from a long journey with a hug and “so glad you’re back.”

 Maybe next time the sinus infection train pulls into the station I’ll just hang up a “Bon Voyage” sign on my door and tell them all I’ll be back in 7-10 days!

 So my gang is pretty good, pretty typical it seems. But this lovely cold/flu season has made me more attentive to what it’s like for those around me. Some spouses are really doting on the other and baby them like a parent.  Then I’ve heard about spouses who, what I call, “turtle” when their spouse is under the weather. They basically disappear and quarantine the sick one, avoiding contact or communication until a reasonable incubation period has passed. I’ve heard this is a little lonely on top of feeling physically rotten.

 So what’s your spouse like when you’re under the weather? Chicken soup or hazmat suit?

 Reminder, no one enjoys being fogged with Lysol upon entering a room. Just a tip I’ve heard and wanted to pass along.   🙂