Got kids?

This past weekend my cousins and I sang at a wedding of some friends of ours. The weekend actually seemed like a high school reunion in disguise. I hadn’t seen several people in attendance for over 6 years, so every conversation was dripping with awkward small talk. The number one question of the weekend: “Got any kids yet?” followed by my answer, “Nope, just two dogs that act like kids.”

In an article published in December, new statistics found that the happiest husbands and wives among today’s young couples are those with no children and those with four or more children.

This isn’t the first time I’ve blogged about this, but as a young married couple Brandon and I are constantly bombarded with the pressure to have kids. There are days where I really want to have a baby, and there are days where I think I’d rather be a dog lover the rest of my life. According to the article, we might be the “happiest” right now as DINKWADs (Double Income No Kids With A Dog), but who’s to judge what constitutes you as “happy”?

We do want a big family someday, and hopefully God will bless us with four or more, but for right now, I’ll enjoy my time childless. Bring on the awkward small talk about my child-like dogs.