Dempsey the Doggone Dog

My dog is ruining my life!  Well, not really, but he has been a real pain in the backside lately.  He has always been a skiddish guy despite his powerful Boxer-esque stature, but lately it has become worse.  My husband and I have been awoken too many nights lately to the cries of our four-year-old, four-legged “baby”, and since I work days and my husband works afternoons, it makes sense that he gets up to deal with the dog, right?  Maybe. 

Marital distress comes in all forms (two legged and four legged) and I’ve learned that compromise is the name of the game.  What’s fair may not be what is easiest for me, so we take turns.  But I have to admit, my husband is great at doing a bit more than his fair share in the dog department.  It’s a team effort, just like raising the kids, paying the bills and keeping up with the house and isn’t that what marriage is all about?

And just so you know, we have sought professional help for our canine kid and have been told to run him more and get him a “soothing scent” collar, but basically, that’s just the way he is…bring on the 3:00AM wake up calls.