Parenting can strain a marriage

With a blog title like this I must start by telling you I love being a parent. I encourage people to have children, despite the fact as Bill Cosby says, “babies are false advertising — because they will all turn into teenagers!”

But I’m at the stage in my life where I’m watching my friends and family age in front of my eyes as they negotiate the tricky path of parenting a teen or young adult.  You see as one wise person told me “little kids step on your toes, big kids step on your heart.”

Parenting puts major stress on marriages. So I’m trying to observe and learn from those who have made it through or become stronger together raising children. Here are some successful strategies I’ve heard about or witnessed, which I intend to copy:

1.)    For your kids’ sake, put your marriage first.

2.)    Stay on the same team as parents, even when it feels like you are losing.

3.)    Back each other up to the children, even when you disagree on the strategy.

4.)    Point out your spouse’s good traits to your children.

5.)    Remember, this moment too shall pass.

Here’s to all the married couples who are in the trenches of parenting. Don’t let those little –or big– angels tear you apart, hold tight to each other. It’s the best thing you could do for your family.