Change your oil


Last week I took my van for a quick oil change.  I found out that not only did my oil need replacement, but my air filter was dirty, my wiper blades were worn, and my power steering fluid was old.  In other words, my car needed overdue maintenance.  Instead of $24.99, I ended up with a big bill! 

As I paid it, I thought about the importance of maintenance to the “wellness” of my car, and how the same principle applies to marriage and relationships.  Life gets busy. If I don’t take time to go on dates, make meaningful conversation, and share dreams with my husband, the cost of neglect is much greater than a bill at a car repair shop.  It could cost me my best friend and my life as I know it.  More importantly, it could cost my kids their security, their health, and their trust in me.  That’s a price I’m not willing to pay.  So I’ll remember to get my oil changed and to be my husband’s best friend … the ultimate savings will last a lifetime.