Get Outta Here!

My family and I just returned from our first spring break trip ever–a weeklong vacation in Arizona–and it was hard to leave!  The Grand Canyon was spectacular, the red rocks of Sedona were magnificent and did I mention that my husband and I didn’t argue once and my kids were perfectly behaved (well, almost)?  I think the latter was the true highlight of the trip. 

As a child, my family didn’t take vacations and even as a newlywed, I thought that travel was just for the well-to-do.  I have learned over the last 20 years that vacations don’t have to cost a fortune and they can be made a priority in the family spending.  Vacations aren’t just good for seeing monuments or visiting beaches.  Vacations are a great opportunity for couples and families to check out from the daily grind, regroup and make wonderful memories that last a lifetime.  It’s hard to argue or feel stressed when you don’t have to pay bills, do homework, clean toilets or walk the dog. 

So whether it’s a week out west or a weekend at the new Holiday Inn, take time to reconnect with those you love.  The cost of the experience will be paid back in oohs, ahhs, hugs, giggles and maybe even some new perspective on your marriage!