Somebody had a baby…

We are so excited, one of our staff members had a baby!  Okay I won’t tell you any details, (no name, no date, nothing), so the parents can officially announce it, but I will show you my favorite baby picture (see toes above). 

Now I realize this doesn’t give you much of the baby’s appearance, but it does show Daddy’s hand, complete with wedding ring. And to me this picture is worth a thousand words, but I’ll try to keep it to just a few.

First it says, mom and dad are married. Homerun for baby! I know single parents love their children just as much as married parents, but children whose parents are married to each other have a much more likelihood of escaping the pains of poverty, crime and other sad situations.

Second it says Dad is present from the beginning. Way to go baby! You have made your mom and dad feel closer than ever – they will need this feeling when they are both worn out from your dirty diapers and late night feedings.

Finally, this man has changed from a husband to both a husband and a father. You rock baby! Being married and having a child is a huge transformational time for a man and it has the potential to deepen his commitment to mom and the marriage. And mom will need all the help she can get!

Look how much you’ve accomplished, little one. You are so loved.