“I didn’t think Marriage Matters Jackson could help…”

I was recently talking with a professional in town who realized where I work, “Oh, you work for Marriage Matters Jackson – I love what you do.” Of course, I and all the MMJ staff love compliments. What she told me next was even better, and very truthful. “I really didn’t think you could help,” she said.
She went on to tell me how she’d paid for her daughter and son-in-law to attend an MMJ event, not really expecting it to do any good. At least she was doing what she could to support their marriage — what was left of it. Her daughter’s husband had moved out; the relationship on thin ice.   They had major life stressors – parenthood, money, etc. – stuff everyone faces, but that doesn’t make it easier.  In fact, as MMJ’s Shelby Raines often says, “All of us are just a crisis away from major marriage struggles.”
The couple participated in an all-day MMJ marriage education event and, the woman said to me, “It changed everything.”

She said it seems almost too good to believe, and was so thankful for the effect on her daughter, son-in-law, and especially her grandchildren. You and I know, as she does, that couple’s problems didn’t disappear. What likely happened is they gained tools and insight for dealing with the issues life brings. They don’t feel helpless and hopeless. They have something to work with, to build the healthy marriage to which they’ve recommitted.
Now’s my turn to give the compliment.  Thank you to those of you out there who encourage us to continue our work and who share stories like the one above. It shows us in a real and personal way: Marriage Matters Jackson.