Dads make a difference

I’m back!  But not really.  My friend, Jaci, scheduled me to blog today not knowing my babe would come a week late and by c-section. (Did you know you become eligible for an extra two weeks of FMLA if you deliver by c-section?  That was a nice surprise for me.). So this blog is brought to you by satellite–actually just me hunting and pecking on my iPad–as I finish up my maternity time off.

I’m pleased to present to you my daughter, Mae.  She was 7 lbs, 8 oz and 21 inches long.  We are smitten.

Becoming a new mom I have developed a genuine awe and respect for single moms.  Seriously.  How do you do it? I think of the times I’ve handed our daughter to my husband so I can _______ (eat, nap, run to Target, prevent a meltdown, etc).  Or the hugs he’s offered when all i can do is weep in a tired and hormonal state.  Or the nights Mae isn’t interested in going peacefully into the night and he orders me back to bed telling me ‘he’s got this’.  Who is doing this for single moms?  I’d like to think that most have a great support system in place, but it can’t be true for all.

And so, as my husbands first fathers day approaches, I’d like to thank him.  Thank you for providing a safe home for me and Mae.  Thank you welcoming this little girl into your heart and our marriage.  Thank you for not rolling your eyes, telling me to ‘get over it’ or dismissing me when my hormones teamed up with lack of sleep and created an emotional wreck.  Thank you for  your hugs.  You give the best hugs.

Do you know how attractive you are with baby barf all over you?  Or when you’re carrying a car seat?  Or when you are ‘coaching’ Mae to push with her legs reasoning she’s working on her starting blocks starts?  Or when you are presenting Mae ‘Lion King’ style to a crowd with pride?

I do.  Mae and and I are so lucky to have you in our lives. You are a great Daddy and Husband.  Happy Father’s Day!