Chasing Butterflies

HIStory is a series of submissions from the husbands of The Five Wives, in an attempt to share their side of the story, bringing a much-needed male perspective to this blog. This guest post is by Amy’s husband, Todd.

Remember when you first dated your spouse?  The first kiss and the butterflies in your stomach told you that this must be the one.  Then time passed and the butterflies flew away.  When you are in a long term relationship, you don’t always have the flutter of butterflies.  We’ve all heard stories about friends and family getting the butterflies from a co-worker or an old fling on Facebook, and they begin to wonder if they are missing out on their one true love.  What people fail to realize is that eventually, those butterflies will fly away too.   So why not chase the butterflies you had with your spouse in the beginning?   Reenact your first date.  Visit the place where you got engaged.  Look at wedding pictures.  Listen to those old “mix tapes”.  Remind yourself of why you chose this person in the first place and remember, the average life expectancy of a butterfly is five weeks.  We want our marriages to last a lifetime.